Frequently Asked Questions

Android, iPhone, FairPhone - what operating systems does the app work on?

We are currently only offering an android version of the app. We will send out a newsletter once we start building for other operating systems. If you would like to help with the programming, please contact us!

I downloaded the app, what now?

If you have received the app-package from us via email, please follow the installation instructions provided with the installation file. You can also refer to the handbook where you find additional information on the installation process. If you get stuck, please contact us and we will help solve the issue.

I want to use the app in my project, what do I need to do?

That’s great news! Please feel free to contact us and download the app as well as supporting materials. Please be aware, that we are currently only offering a beta-version that is not guaranteed to be stable. Once we are finished programming, we’ll offer a stable version via app stores.

Is the app for free?

Yes, we are offering the app under open source and common rights regulations.

Where has the app been used so far?

We are still in the development phase of the app and are testing it in various projects around the globe. Find a small selection with in depth information here on our website.

I am a programmer and would like to support the development of the app!

Awesome! We are always looking for skilled programmers that are eager to help out! Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss details!

I've successfully been using the app, but now it seems broken, what should I do?

If the app has been running on your device but is not working anymore, please get in contact with us and send us further information about the version you were running (both android and app) and since when it stopped working.